Paradise Acoustics. Just at Your Home.

Enjoy the sounds of concert hall right in the comfort of your room.

Sound-e-Motion is a state-of-the-art sound system which brings the latest technological advances and superior woodworking together.

Through its innovative technical solutions this system mimics concert hall acoustics like no other system today.

LFCh-M Active Low-Frequency Channel-Middle LFCh-L Active Low-Frequency Channel-Large Sound-e-Motion 31-R29 BF Sound-e-Motion 2x31-R29 BF


  • provides unique acoustic spectrum and polar pattern
  • significantly reduces interference distortions
  • has ergonomic qualities

Multiplex system / supplementary ultra-low frequency channel

  • eliminates non-linear distortions
  • reproduces natural sound with unprecedented accuracy

Ultralinear amplitude-frequency response

  • has high sound transmission and precision


  • made of environmentally pure wood
  • fully handcrafted
  • select natural wooden components
  • supreme quality

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At your request Sound-e-Motion acoustic systems can be made with your choice of wood species. You may see our catalogue of products. Feel free to contact us for more details.


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