Magazine Stereo & Video, 5/2003, Moscow

…innovative loudspeaker concept designs. The loudspeakers use spherical enclosures for the midrange/low-frequency enclosures, said to minimize baffle distortions and result in more uniformly polar sound distribution, as well prevent internal standing wave buildup…

Magazine WIDESCREEN REVIEW, 05/2003, US


Magazine Salon AudioVideo, 04/2003, Moscow

Hi-Fi show2003 & home theatre, Moscow, February, 2003


Newspaper HI-FI NEWS, 2/2003, Moscow


Magazine AudioMagazin, 1/2003, Saint-Petersburg

CESHOME 2003, Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2003
…sound source provides much wider space effect, and the panorama of sound is very realistic..


Newspaper CESHOME, 1/2003, Las Vegas

Magazine Audio Video, 1/2003, Warsaw


Magazine HI-FI i MUZYKA, 12/2002, Warsaw

AudioShow2002, Warsaw, November, 2002


Magazine AUDIO, 12/2002, Warsaw

Hi-Fi show2002 & home theatre, Moscow

AudioMagazin, 2/2002, Moscow    AudioMagazin, 2/2002, Moscow

AudioMagazin, 2/2002, Saint-Petersburg

The best foreign debut
AudioShow, Warsaw, November 9-11, 2001

Magazine HI-FI i MUZYKA, 1/2002, Warsaw        The best foreign debut

Sound-e-Motion presented multi channel system enclosed in spheres from wood and using Scan-Speak loud speakers. The price of system is high but aesthetic and sound effects are wonderful. The designers have noted that it is not an accidental because this is the result of serious and conscientious research. Information materials prepared in Polish were so elegant as well as product. It's the total professionalism.

Magazine HI-FI i MUZYKA, 1/2002, Warsaw

… Splendidly realized spheres consisting from 230 oak elements form 5.1 system with subwoofer.

Magazine AUDIO, 1/2002, Warsaw   

Magazine AUDIO, 1/2002, Warsaw


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