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From basics to the newest technologies

Sound-e-Motion acoustic systems bring together the latest in technological innovations. These new solutions are integrated in one system ensure a quality of sound that is second to none.

LFCh-M Active Low-Frequency Channel-Middle LFCh-L Active Low-Frequency Channel-Large Sound-e-Motion 31-R29 BF Sound-e-Motion 35-D29 BC

Sound-e-Motion features:
  1. The spherical shape reproduces sound from one point which gives it a much wider space effect. This produces a very realistic panorama of sound limited only by your imagination.

  2. The spherical speaker mounted on a stand rather than on a flat surface minimizes interference in both horizontal and vertical planes. Thus the sound radiates evenly in every direction.

  3. The sphere holding the speaker is hand made from solid wood, a material unique for its acoustic characteristics. Special technologies for preparing wood and building spheres were developed. Each sphere is made of hundreds of wood pieces and has excellent anti-resonance properties.

  4. Only natural materials were used: wood, glue and wax. The system's unique workmanship and design are an interesting addition to any interior.

  5. The full sound range is divided into bands using the following Scan-Speak speakers:
  • maximum wide middle range - broad-band construction minimizes inter-modular disturbances,
  • high frequencies up to 40 kHz,
  • light movable vibrating speaker with 19 Hz resonance for low frequencies.

This allows for reproduction of basic tones and a minimum of three harmonies or all musical instruments and voices from one source, very important for natural voice perception. 

Sound-e-Motion acoustic systems ideally suite for professional record studios, home cinemas, public halls, and night clubs.

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